• Family Sponsorship

    Sponsor a Family in India

    Sponsorship is the heart of the Franciscan Family Apostolate Mission. Your sponsorship can change lives.

  • Alleppy | Kerala | India

    Alleppy, Kerala

    Over the past four decades, thousands of families have been helped by our sponsorship and other programs. Located in southwest India, the poverty of the coastal fishing folk is extreme.

  • Andra Pradesh | India

    Andra Pradesh

    Located on the eastern coast of India, the highlands of Andra Pradesh are peopled by the very poor who live far from medical or educational aid.

  • Helping the poor in Andra Pradesh | India.

    Teaching Business Skills in Andra Pradesh

    One of the many programs we have in Andra Pradesh is teaching basic business skills to women and offering micro-credit for startups.

  • Staff | Alleppey | Kerala | India

    FFA Staff in Alleppey

    Totally administered and staffed locally in India, FFA provides decent work and benefits to those who run the programs.

Our Mission

The Franciscan Family Apostolate was founded as response of the Secular Franciscan Order (S.F.O.) to the plight of the poor in the Third World. Following its founder, Saint Francis of Assisi, the poor Christ is found in the faces and lives of the poor and oppressed of the world. The Franciscan Family Apostolate’s mission is to encourage a witness to the Gospel life preached by Jesus – the care and concern for the stranger in need regardless of race, color, religion or country of origin.

In 1987 the Franciscan Family Apostolate became an independent 501(c)3 charity upon receipt of its tax exempt status from the IRS with the following stated goals:

  1. To alleviate poverty, provide financial support and assistance to needy individuals and families in the Third World through outreach programs and related activities;
  2. To develop and implement similar outreach programs in the United States;
  3. Lastly, to develop and implement educational programs in Third World countries and in the United States to provide occupational training.

Home Repair for the Needy

Our Housing Repair Fund assists the poor in Alleppey who cannot afford to fix a leaky roof or repair a crumbling wall in their home. The monsoon season takes a yearly toll on housing in Alleppey and too many… Read More

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A Step Towards Financial Independence

As part of the FFA family sponsorship program in Andhra, we provide the family with resources to help them take a step towards financial independence. The asset might be some goats, or a cow. Or, perhaps the capital… Read More

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Change the World – One Person at a Time

Almost 25 years ago, I was invited to sponsor a young mother of three with a sickly husband, living in a shack near the Arabian sea in Alleppey, India. Shortly after I accepted the sponsorship, their meager abode… Read More

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